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Inaugural Forum

Beyond Civilizational Clash: The Coalescence of Human Civilizations




Date 日期: 10 & 11 August 2023
Venue 地點: The University of Hong Kong 香港大學 


~  Opening Ceremony 開幕式  ~

2:30 pm on 10 Aug 2023 | HKU Rayson Huang Theatre 香港大學黃麗松講堂

~  Music Night 音樂晚會  ~

( FULL 音樂會名額已滿 | Details 詳情)

7:30 pm on 10 Aug 2023 | HKU Rayson Huang Theatre 香港大學黃麗松講堂

Conference 分論壇


Conference 分論壇 I

Engaged Buddhism for an  Engulfed World: New Perspectives on  Humanistic  Buddhism 競爭與互鑑:人間佛教面臨的現實情境與佛教的跨文化傳播                                                                                                                             


Conference 分論壇 II

Sinification, Globalization or Glocalization?: Paradigm Shifts in the Study of Transmission and Transformation of Buddhism in Asia and Beyond 執兩用中:東西方文明碰撞中的佛教中國化與國際化      


Conference 分論壇 III

Buddhism, Science and Technology: 

Challenges to Religions from a Digitalized World 佛教與科技:人工智能時代傳統宗教的現代化挑戰                                                                                                                                                                         

Presentations will be conducted in English or Putonghua. The language of the presentation is the first language listed in the abstracts.

T​he list of panelists, presentation topics/ abstracts, conference schedule, and other details may be changed without prior notice. Please refer to the above webpages for the latest information.




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